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Happy Halloween

An adult conversation on how to responsibly handle (and enjoy) Halloween candy!

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Happy Halloween!! As we send our little ghouls and gobblins out into the night to claim their stash of candy, I think a quick convo about how to handle the haul they'll bring home is necessary. I'm not here to be the nutrition meanie and tell ya to make them leave their loot at the door- trust me I'm looking forward to those mini size snickers just as much as you! BUT- I do think there are some really awesome ways to allow our kids (and us parents) to responsibly enjoy the fun of the holiday, without allowing it to open the floodgates for nutritional nightmares from now until New Year's!

Trust me people...Halloween is the gateway to "I'll get back on track after the holidays" attitudes and habits. are some not so scary ways to embrace the candy, and use it to create some sweet traditions & memories- no cavities required!

1. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY THROW IT AWAY!! Someone bought and paid for it- and candy ain't cheap! It's not a responsible lesson for your kids, or respectful of your neighbors to just trash the stash. Instead, let's get a little creative and have some fun with it- read on...!!

2. You can allow your kiddos to pick out a few of their favorite pieces, then donate the rest to Operation Gratitude, where it will be sent to troops overseas in care packages. What an awesome activity to include share with you kids!!! More info is Here:

3. There are also some dentists who will "buy back" Halloween candy in exchange for new toothbrushes, paste, etc. in their offices. Search for a participating office near you here:

4. Play with your food! There are some really cool science experiments that can be done with candy! Safe for big and little kids, bc if they happen to eat the "subject" its ok- but they can learn a bit in the process! Here are some awesome ideas:

5. Another fun idea is to ask the "Switch Witch" to come to your house on Halloween night, and after the kids have chosen their favorite pieces of candy to keep, the Switch Witch will come to the house and swap the leftover candy for a small toy, game, or cash...similar to the Tooth Fairy.

I hope I've offered some fun "food for thought" on how to make this Halloween an opportunity to have fun, enjoy the treats of the day, and create some cool memories and habits to carry on into years to come! There are countless other organizations that will accept candy donations- and other ways to be creative with your candy- just give it a good google search and find something that is a great match for your family! Happy Halloween!!

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