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Feed Your Inner Child This Thanksgiving!

It’s easy to get caught up in a food frenzy right before Thanksgiving- I mean it is THE meal of the year...but it’s important to remember that the day is also about sharing thanks, fun, and time with our loved ones. As the adults are busy bees managing everything from to-do lists to guest lists, the little ones need to be able to have some fun, get some quality time in- and creative energy out! Enter: Thanksgiving crafts!

I think the weekend before the holiday is the perfect time to do this...You can hit up the craft store while you’re out and about and for just a few dollars can create something they can proudly wear on the big day, make a keepsake, or do an activity that encourages them to think about the things they are thankful for in a fun way. No Martha Stewart skills needed...there are so many simple ideas out there- here are a few I’ve done in the past, and one I’m looking forward to this year! Swipe for more pics! These turkey t’s from 3 years ago are just some basic shapes cut out of felt, and fabric glued to the shirt! SO EASY!!

Last year we got a little messy and did some hand/footprint turkey t’s that were equally as easy, but just a little more fun!

Footprint turkey "bodies" with handprint feathers! Don't forget to let them sign their masterpieces!

If the thought of crafts give you hives or causes you to breakout into a cold sweat- we gotcha....Check out the PREMADE Gratitude Tree where everyone can fill in a leaf with the things they’re thankful for, and attach it. No scissors, glue, or panic attacks required. We did one 3 years ago, and it still sits on a shelf in our playroom, AND we’re doing another one this year! It cost $3!!!

This year we’re also doing a Kidsgiving celebration, and each friend will get a “Thankful Turkey Book” where they can draw pictures, write what they are thankful for, and have their friends autograph their books as a keepsake from their special day! Instructions here:

For other awesome ideas to get you and any littles in your life in the holiday spirit check out:

Or if you’re a Pinterest junkie like me, head over there for an endless supply of ideas that will keep your crew busy until next year! Please share your ideas and creations!! I'd love to see what you come up with- and add it to my radar for next year!!

So, while I LOVE to talk all things food & fitness, I encourage you to take some time this weekend to feed your soul! Get a little messy, give your brain a break from the holiday hustle, whether it’s through a craft, game, or any other way your family likes to chill.

Some of these silly “projects” can actually turn into traditions that you can look forward to each year!

It also takes some emphasis OFF of food around the holidays- and puts it back ON sharing quality time with loved ones- which is healthy for everyone!

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