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Creating YOUR Roadmap to Success

So it's officially in the air...that crisp sense of change upon us...the brink of a new year wide open with possibilities...but is it so wide open that you have a hard time narrowing your focus to zero in on what would really make the most impact on your life moving into 2019? Here's my take on creating your personal roadmap to habit creation and meaningful change.

Creating a roadmap to success

Piggy-backing off of the the perfectly simple, yet 100% accurate message of Crossfit Bear’s recent blog post on building habits, I wanted to lend a hand to those of you who may be out there thinking “Ok...awesome...change one simple habit...I can do this...” Then maybe get stuck at step 2: Deciding what habit to create, change, add, or delete. There are usually two camps of people here: Those who barrel through life at warp speed, busy & stressed and feel like they don’t even have time to think about having do “do something else” to try and make things better. Or, those who constantly have a laundry list of “bad habits” they wish they could change but never quite zero in on a “good enough” starting they never start. It’s a long used sentiment, but that old line “If nothing changes, nothing changes” might be the truest statement ever written!

One of my biggest philosophies as a trainer and coach is also that you can not MAKE a person change. You can make them TRY...but true, life transforming change will only stick when it is meaningful and deeply rooted in a person’s true goals and desires. So, that’s a big way of saying that the habits you choose to incorporate have to have some kind of meaning to you in order to make them truly become habits. If you just randomly start picking things, or do whatever your friend is doing because it sounds good, you may keep up with it for a few weeks, but it will probably fizzle out...just like most New Year’s resolutions, paleo challenges, never eat “X” again type things.

SO- you’re dedicated to making at least one step toward a better you- whether it’s for the rest of this year, or next- here’s a quick little activity you can do to create a road map to MEANINGFUL and PERMANENT habit creation and change!

Take a few minutes to think about...maybe even daydream about what the very best version of YOU would be like. If you could hand pick your ideal life, What would you look like, dress like, do on a daily basis? What, when and where does he/she eat, not eat, shop, travel? How does this person think and feel? What do you do for a living, for fun, for your health, fitness, or profession? Create that image with as much detail as you can.

Now, make two lists:

  1. What are the things/habits THAT person probably does on a daily basis?

  2. What are some things THAT person does NOT do on a regular basis.

  3. Remember, we’re describing that “vision” of the best you, and not the currently pretty awesome you! ;-)

  4. Keep this list somewhere safe! It is now your guide to creating your best version of yourself!

Hopefully you’ve got two nice size lists...maybe 5-15 items on each. Now you have everything you need make your own personal road map to success!

Circle one item on each list....this can be the ones you feel are the most important ones this person does and does not do, or the ones you feel might be the most do-able for you right now. Either way, just choose one habit TO DO, and one NOT TO DO.

Viola! You’ve got a plan of attack for the next 30 days. Without changing anything else in your life, focus on implementing that one habit, and removing the other. Be patient with yourself. It may take longer than 30 days to really be consistent and confident with your new behaviors. Take longer if you need it before adding more to your plate. You may find that you crush it in 2 weeks- good for you...let’s build on that!

Once you’ve mastered your first two tasks, choose another from your lists, and as you go through your year, you can gradually chip away at the habits you need to both build and break in order to transform into that “best version of you” that you envisioned. What a confidence booster!! Knowing that the hard work and dedication you’re showing are actually moving you closer to the person you WANT to be...versus just a bunch of random things you felt like you “should” be doing.

It's also a great idea to revisit these lists every few months or so, as you build new habits, maybe your vision for yourself changes and things can be added or taken away. It is a fluid list that should reflect the things most important to you and what you want your life to look like.

Now you’re creating life changing impact!! Good luck experimenting with this! And remember, if you get stuck or need a hand with some tips and tricks to support you along the way you can always ask for the help of a coach!

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