Food Log &

Macro Review 

For the DIY'er!

In this mini session we'll review your 7 day food log, current habits, and goals.  An appropriate, individualized macronutrient guide will be provided to jumpstart your progress. If you're well versed in macro tracking, and are an accountability rockstar this session could be just what you need to overcome a plateau or take your training to the next level!

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Support & Accountability

On-line based coaching with a personal feel.

Monthly coaching clients recieve cusomized plans that include daily macro (protein, carbohydrate, & fat) targets strategically adjusted to help meet your goals.  Clients recieve detailed recommendations on nutrient timing, hydration, supplements and have access to a private online tracking system shared between you and your coach.  Regular adjustments to your program will be made based on feedback like mood, energy, appetite, recovery, and progress!


Check-ins with your coach will be done through a scheduled 30-40 minute phone call every 10-12 days.

Text access to your coach is also included with this option!


Check-ins with your coach will be done through email on an assigned day each week.  Feedback and responses will be returned within 24-48 hours.

Nutrition Coaching Consultation 

Required for all monthly coaching clients

This in-person or phone consultation will allow us to get to know each other by reviewing your intake information, answering questions, and taking body composition measurements (for local clients).  We'll review your initial plan, optimal food choices, portion sizes, instructions for tracking, checking in, and how to get the most out of your coaching experience!

CrossFit Bear 


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Monthly Coaching Packages! 

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