ABOUT Janelle


Nutrition Programming For:

  • Aesthetic/Body Composition Goals

  • Athletic & Performance Goals

  • Overall Health & Longevity

  • Metabolism Repair/Reverse Dieting


  • Masters of Science, Exercise Science

  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

  • Nutritional Coaching Institute Level 1

My Story


I've had an interest (aka...slight obsession) with food & fitness for almost 25 years!  Makes me sound way older than I feel, but let's just say I've been down the road and back again when it comes to eating, training, and learning to treat my body well.  I believe every experience I've had led me to creating Healthy By Habit, where I hope to inspire people to find the healthy lifestyle they desire & deserve.  My husband, Jason and I (along with our three sons, Brody , Patch, and Brett) recently made a cross country move from Middletown, DE to Bozeman, MT.  We love being outside, hiking, football, rollercoasters, and most other noisy, dirty things boys are into!


 I have experience with distance/obstacle course running, weight lifting, competed in both local and national figure competitions, and love the challenge and camaraderie of Crossfit workouts!  On the flip side, I've also experienced disordered eating, metabolic adaptation, overtraining, and gut issues.  While not every situation was ideal, I certainly learned from IT ALL, and can now apply that knowledge personally, and professionally with my coaching clients.  No matter what type of activity you do,  or issue you may be struggling with, quality nutrition is the foundation to performance, recovery, and overall longevity...not to mention helping you look your best along the way!

I think the fitness industry makes it hard to separate facts from fads, and reality from filters.  It can be so overwhelming and confusing!  My goal is to be a force for good within the industry by promoting realistic, science based, fad-free nutrition education & coaching.

I truly believe the key to achieving your goals starts with having a plan, and breaking it down into do-able steps each day until good habits are formed.  Embrace the process, and appreciate the amazing things your body is capable of!  Thanks for the visit & I look forward to helping you become Healthy By Habit!

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