Meet Janelle


Welcome!  Thank you for visiting Healthy by Habit! Fitness & Nutrition have always played a huge role in my life, and I am so greatful to be able to share my passion with you!  No matter where you are starting from, with the right guidance and effort, progress is always possible; Pair that with consistency, and amazing things can happen!

Recipes & Tips 


As an active, busy mom of 3 boys, I'm always experimenting to find fast, easy ways to eat well.  Check out the Blog for some of my faves!

Nutrition Coaching


We are creatures of habit.  Are yours generating the healthy life you want & deserve?

Do you need help finding the best nutritional strategy to help you meet your aesthetic or performance goals?


Nutrition coaching is a great way for everyone from soccer moms to seasoned athletes to find a plan that works, and to stay accountable!

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